On Typos / 5.14.15

1 Aug

I’m sure that I’m not the only reader who notices it, but typos are way too common in published books. I find it maddening that the battery of editors that a book must get through in order to make it to print can let one or two typos slip by, and I find it even more maddening when it’s a book that was originally published many many years ago, meaning that the publisher has, over the years—I would assume—had these typos pointed out to them, but simply neglected to fix them.

For many years, I would circle each typo I came across in my books with a pencil and mark the page with a little torn piece of scrap paper. But over the years it became tedious to continue this. Literally, rare is the book in which I don’t encounter at least one typo. I would honestly estimate that I find typos in three out of every four novels I read.

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